Safed City conservation survey


  • Avishay Oz Israel Antiquities Authority, Conservation Department
  • Alexander Wiegmann Israel Antiquities Authority, Field Technologies Branch
  • Maya Ovadia Israel Antiquities Authority, Conservation Department

Parole chiave:

Safed, Israel, Conservation, Cultural Heritage


The ancient town of Safed in the Upper Galilee was settled beginning in the Middle Bronze Age, and contains many diverse archaeological and historic monuments. Particularly important are the citadel which was fortified during the Crusader and Mamluk periods and the Old Town which developed around the citadel throughout the Middle Ages and the Ottoman period. The Israel Antiquities Authority was commissioned to create an extensive conservation survey of Safed, which is to include guidelines for planning and conservation as well as detailed surveys of each individual building in the Old Town: A total of approximately 800 buildings, dated from the 12th century CE to the present day.

The project was carried out through the creation of a detailed, high-resolution photogrammetric model of the entire Old Town, and an online GIS platform which served as the basis for the field survey, research, and multi-disciplinary cooperation on the project. In this paper, we will outline the methodology used in the Safed City Conservation Survey. The methodology developed for the survey is being widely considered as the proper method to be applied for conservation surveys of other historical cities in Israel.